Philadelphia Delivers

Philadelphia uniquely combines big city energy and opportunity with small town personal connection, sparking a passion for this place that brings people here and keeps them coming back.

We possess all of the key ingredients any company needs to support its long-term growth.

The location is central on the Northeast corridor of the United States, the talent pool is vast, and Philadelphia has all of the amenities employees want, at a lower cost than comparable big cities.

The city’s greatest strength lies in its diversity—a majority-minority city with a diverse population and diverse economy, anchored by leading firms in life sciences, financial services, technology and advanced manufacturing, as well as institutions of higher education.

"Philly is a city that's got an X-factor right now that very few cities can claim. We've got momentum. We've got swagger. Look across the skyline any day of the week. You'll see this city is exploding. And that swagger draws people."

Apu Gupta,

CEO and Co-Founder, Curalate

Philadelphia Delivers on Talent, Mobility, Livability, and more. Connect with us and experience for yourself.

Talent Pipeline

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