Talent Pipeline

Philadelphia’s workforce

The region offers a broad, deep talent pool.

Philadelphia has a highly educated and diverse regional workforce, fueled by 100+ top-ranked universities. Philadelphia is the 3rd largest metropolitan area on the East Coast (with 6.1 million people) and a leader in developing and attracting top talent, with a workforce of 3 million—a larger workforce than Boston, Miami, and Atlanta. Ranked the #1 most diverse STEM workforce in the nation as well as named the best city in the country for millennials, Philadelphia can develop, attract, and retain talent locally, from across the Northeast Corridor, across the country, and from around the globe, thanks to its world-class quality of life and affordability.

"When you bring the smartest people together with the best possible resources, you get new ideas. You get discovery, you get ...innovation. That's what I feel across Philadelphia."

Dr. Amy Gutmann,

President, University of Pennsylvania

Talent Pipeline Map

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